• About us

    About us

    We Provide Professional Investment Services Worldwide

    We have creatively adopted novel technology that help us to retain our victories at the high end while limiting losses, and the dozens of client testimonies that keep us moving.

    Our customer support agents run 24/7 to ensure the fast delivery of solutions either queries or inquiry in a timely manner. Not only that, but we also tailor investment plans individually to fit your budget and future expenses.


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    We offer many services to better present extra alertness to your financial situation.

    In addition to creating huge returns on your investments, we offer a variety of other services that will help put you on the right part while making money.


    Don’t misread! We have random & interesting facts.

    Did you know we started up in Philadelphia, United states. With just a single desktop we were able to carry out investment for over 10 companies.

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    Our goal is to become the asset management firm of choice for customers looking for services everywhere in the world. We place an emphasis on the transparency and quality of transactions as well as the effective management of investment risk associated with our activities. Our experienced team of employees and AI has the experience, specialized know-how, and the right kind of inspiration needed to monitor market developments.

    Our primary idea is the development of investment proposals and policies through the ongoing, methodical evaluation of the financial environment over the long term. Our main strategy is to actively manage investment portfolios by seeking for and seizing investing opportunities across all asset classes.

    Inclusion & diversity

    Inclusion and diversity are key to our success. By fully leveraging our diverse experiences, backgrounds and insights, we can inspire innovation, challenge the status quo and create better outcomes for our people and our clients.

    Active Approach With People

    Because we believe that having a diverse set of viewpoints and abilities is essential to building a richer culture for our employees and a superior experience for our diversified global clientele, Capital Gold Premium Network is dedicated to fostering and advancing diversity in all its manifestations.

    eading company executives ensure that every member of their teams is aware of the value of diversity for success and provide them with the skills and information needed to promote inclusion. Making inclusive management and leadership a core leadership ability is what we've done. Since 2020, more than 2,500 managers and leaders globally participated in Driving Better Decisions, an initiative that helps leaders and managers understand how unconscious bias works and, most importantly, provides concrete tools and guidance on how to take action to mitigate bias in key people and business decisions. We have revised important human resources procedures as part of this program to reduce the possibility of bias and promote diversity. We hold companies responsible for inclusion and diversity advancements. We conduct concentrated conversations regarding each employee group's and business's aims and progress during our quarterly business reviews. We frequently update our Board of Directors on our progress with regard to our inclusion and diversity programs. TEI is committed to reaching 20% female presence in senior management by 2023 as a signatory of HM Treasury's Women in Finance Charter, which aims to create a more balanced and varied financial services industry.



    Capital Gold Premium Network whose parent company is General Asset Management, with possession of an identity of its own, it is based in Australia and is well regulated by the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) prudential supervision under the P2 category, ASIC is one of the largest prudential regulator across Europe. In essence, we have been assessed on how well we understand risks, how well placed we are to manage those risk (guarantee/insurance) and how well we can avoid large, unexpected costs.


    In compliance with section 53b (1) KWG, the German Investment Act, Capital Gold Premium Network is expanding. We traveled to Germany to secure a license and are now opening branch offices there and in Switzerland (InvG). Under EU oversight of the freedom to provide services, Bafin grants Capital Gold Premium Network permission to operate as a financial service institution that may do so in Germany without a local presence. (Procedure for notification/European passport). European Passports are only available to businesses from other AEE signatory states who have notified Bafin of their intention to establish a branch in Germany or to offer cross-border services.